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WiFi at Baba Nyumbani

March 7th, 2016

Aerial Provides a Connection

For every home sold, Aerial sponsors a child through Horizon Initiative for one year in the name of the homeowner, allowing them to continue with the sponsorship after the first year. Through this effort, Aerial has sponsored over 100 orphans as a direct result of their social venture business model.


Aerial gave above and beyond in 2015 to ensure that the children’s home would have access to Wi-Fi which provides online courses and furthered learning for the children as well as the ability to more quickly and frequently connect with their overseas sponsors. In a place where basic electricity is a great luxury, this opportunity is celebrated and honored as the students work hard to achieve the dreams that are now made possible through simple means such as this.photo9


When Aerial’s team visited the children’s home in January 2015, they used crowd-funding to additionally provide 100 solar lanterns to the families of Bondo, Kenya. Lanterns that will illuminate the darkness, help light a path to change, and bring a cleaner, healthier living environment for the people of Bondo. Hundreds of adults and children now have access to basic amenities that allow them to learn, start businesses, and become self-sustainable as they provide for themselves and their families. Aerial believes in always giving a hand up and not a hand out.


About Baba Nyumbani

Baba Nyumbani – meaning ‘Daddy is home’ in Swahili – was constructed in 2009. Today, it is Horizon Initiative’s flagship micro-community. As an inheritance program, the graduates of Baba Nyumbani are offered loans to further their education or taught practical skills like farming. By pouring knowledge, skills and hope into the lives of these children, they are re-immersed into their local communities where they can make a sustainable and transforming impact at home.


Aerial Development Group is a Nashville, Tenn.-based residential and commercial development company that revitalizes urban neighborhoods through renovation and infill. Through its social venture business model, the company donates a percentage of its profits to improve lives locally and globally. In only five years, the company has built more than 250 homes and has entered the multi-family, mixed-use development market. For more information, or call (615)669-6785.