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Selling Homes and Helping Orphans

September 11th, 2015

Each time we sell a home, we sponsor a child in a Kenyan orphanage for one year in the name of the homeowner. This is what motivates our team at Aerial Development Group. It is the WHY behind our real estate development company.

Recently, the Aerial team traveled to Kenya to witness the incredible impact our partner, Horizon Initiative, makes on the lives of these children. We learned about the micro-community that is anchored by the orphanage where the children live in an atmosphere of excellence and are taught that they are special. We also learned about the micro businesses that produce food, milk, apparel and other basic needs. Not only do these micro-businesses generate income to offset operational costs, but they also provide an opportunity for the children to learn life and business skills. When they age out of the orphanage, they have the skills and mindset to succeed.

Watch the video to learn more about the children, the micro-community and what motivates us to revitalize urban neighborhoods.