Aerial Development Group -Being a Force for Good Means Giving a Hand Up to a Neighbor

Being a Force for Good Means Giving a Hand Up to a Neighbor

June 15th, 2015

Our team is diverse in every category, but there’s one thing we agree on…we want to be a Force for Good. Founded as a social enterprise business to build orphanages in Africa, at Aerial Development we look for ways we can do good in every step of our journey and make a positive difference globally AND locally.

Locally, we recently partnered with Rebuilding Together Nashville to help make Mrs. L’s Shelby Avenue home safer and healthier during a day-long “Big Give.” An older wheelchair-bound woman struggling with the complications of diabetes, Mrs. L needed home repairs she can’t afford and is unable to make herself.IMG_9125

The Aerial team, along with friends, family members and other volunteers spent a hot, Nashville Saturday working through a list of needed home improvements, guided by Scott Morton and Becky Carter of Rebuilding Together Nashville. Our Force for Good scraped and painted the house exterior, built a ramp landing pad to enable safe transport, fixed door frames and built a new set of steps for a back entrance. We also trimmed bushes, pulled weeds, planted a few flowers and visited with Mrs. L.

Doesn’t everyone want purpose and meaning in their life? We’ll be doing more “Big Gives” in Nashville.

Would you like to #JointheForceForGood?