Investing in communities, conveying their charm and vitality from the past to the future.



Encouraging smart growth by mindfully revitalizing the urban core.


Developing communities rooted in purpose.

We are a creative team of developers dedicated to the full-circle revitalization of urban neighborhoods.

Homes Sold

Communities Elevated

Orphans Sponsored

Local Outreaches Supported

What we are about

As developers, we create spaces that people spend their lives in. Environment is proven to have a massive effect on someone’s potential because you become what you behold”.

As Developers…

As a developer, you have the ability to create peaceful, present, and inspiring environments. If you are intentional you can change the person’s life that lives in that house. If you are intentional with your design you also can change the surrounding community, elevating it by creating something beautiful the neighborhood is proud of.


By inspiring a neighborhood you can elevate a city by showing what is possible in their own community.


By inspiring a city you can inspire a state, impacting everything from crime rates and health statistics to bringing in additional economic and educational opportunities.


By elevating a state you can elevate a nation to be able to walk in abundance; an abundance that allows a nation to exist outside of a state of emergency, releasing them to take care of not only themselves but others.

The World

Recognize you are not just building or fixing a house- you can change the world. So be intentional.

This is our approach

This is our approach, we are imperfectly learning how to do this better every day with the unwavering mission of elevating people and places.

Active Developments

Peace Row

Learn more about this Eco-Modern Development

East Greenway Park

Learn more about Nashville’s First Health & Wellness Community

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